About Nova System – Keep It Simple

Nova Implants  has mastered the art of making implant technology simple, by creating a single internal  hexagonal  platform,  allowing  dental professionals  to  focus  on  their  patients  rather than on the products.
Our prosthetic components are designed to facilitate the use of a single restoration platform for each implant family, and our surgical kit is compatible with all our implant systems.

Surgical Instrumentation
Our surgical kit is comprised of everything from basic surgical instrumentation to advanced therapy tools.

Implant Systems
Our implant systems cover a wide variety of surgical procedures and are suitable for all bone types. Retrospective clinical data shows that Nova   implants achieve an overall clinical success rate of 99%.
We  offer  a  comprehensive  solution  for all dental  restorative  options  with  a  single restoration  platform  that  enables  the  use of any abutment with any implant diameter.

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