Quality Assurance

The Nova Implants Ltd Quality System commitment is to ensure that Nova Implants Ltd  medical devices are with compliance to international standards and requirements.
To ensure constant adequacy and effectiveness to these standards and to comply with all regulatory requirements Nova Implants Ltd maintains a high standard of Quality Assurance system.

Nova Implants Ltd Medical devices are:
Cleared for marketing in the USA 510 K  (*applies to certain devices).
Russian Federation Certificate
Approved by various health authorities worldwide.

Nova Implants Ltd complies with major quality control standards:
Our philosophy is that the planning stage is the most significant element of the manufacturing process. We carefully invest a great deal of resources when planning both the product design and manufacturing procedures. In this way, we ensure that the production process implementation and the after-production flow smoothly and efficiently. This allows us to focus on creating high-quality, first-rate parts, which in turn greatly minimizes the chance of product rejection. 

Our Quality Assurance Engineering lab utilizes cutting edge technology measuring instruments, and has the ability to gauge any measurement required within the field of dental implantology, and beyond.
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