Zirconia Abutments

Zirconia Abutments
ø 4.76 mm – Standard

ø 4.76 mm – Angulated 15˚

ø 4.76 mm – Angulated 25˚



Custom-made Zirconia Abutments
Our custom-made precise esthetical Zirconia Abutments answer unique dental surgical needs and are as strong as Titanium with the esthetical advantages of Zirconia!

The Zirconia abutments can be fully controlled by technicians for precise adjustments with the ability to perform repairs during surgical procedure. The Zirconia blanks are mechanically jointed with Titanium base with no adhesives between them. They provide a better supplement comparing to regular production using CNC technology.

The advantages of our Custom Zirconia abutments:
  • Self-production in dental surgical and dental laboratories
  • Custom-Made according to the unique dental surgical needs
  • Blanks are mechanically jointed with Titanium base
  • No adhesives between Zirconia & Titanium base
  • Better supplement than producing in regular CNC technology
  • Without the need of model preparation nor Sintering
  • Fully controlled by technicians for precise adjustments & ability to repair “on-line”


* The product will not be sold in countries where there is an exclusive distributor, and the product will be sold according to stock availability

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