Premium Implant surface topography & osseointegration
NOVIT® is a Calcium-Phosphate (CaP)-derived chemical component with faster bone recovery and immediate loading success rate.

NOVIT® complex surface design with significant surface enlargement enhances the coating procedure and provides:
  • Increased primary stability with reduced healing time
  • Active support of bone attachment
  • Higher wettability with blood/high affinity for blood
  • Early loading / immediately loading
  • Prevention of spontaneous oxidation of the titanium surface
  • Higher osteoconductivity of the surface

Nova Implants focused its research on the factor of surface roughness and we used various techniques in order to compare our results with the best, universally recognized implant manufacturers. The following results were obtained through metallographic implant surface cross-section analysis in two locations: the base and at the end of the implant. The analysis accurately determined the depth and width of the dimples, as well as their geometry which is clearly visible on the image bellow. The surface is well-developed with large and small dimples which enhance osseointegration.

NOVIT® dual surface treatment combines Nova Active Surface® and CaP and introduces much improved osseointegration by penetrating all of the pores and providing a strong bone anchoring to the surface (high BIC).

  • Optimal roughness characteristics
  • Very thin, quickly resorbable CaP layer
  • High primary stability
  • Rapid bone ongrowth
  • Reduce healing time
  • Early implant loading
Quality and Performance Tests

NOVIT® is easily soluble, providing highly concentrated calcium ions and Phosphate ions resulting in rapid bone growth and high mineraslization, acting as an anchor during the mineralization process. Nova Implants periodically performs various quality assurance tests, including Cytotoxicity Test and Sterilization Test to make sure NOVIT® performs as expected from premium coating treatment in the dental implants area.


Innovation in Cementless Coating
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